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Is NMTC Financing Right for Your Project or Business?

CDF funds projects that fulfill the following criteria:

1) Are located in CDF-qualified Census Tracts

2) Have a significant positive impact on Chicago’s low-income communities

3) Are new investments that would be unlikely to occur without NMTC financing

If you believe your project meets the above criteria, fill out the Application Request Form with general project information to receive a full application.

Before you apply, please feel free to contact Tony Smith of S. B. Friedman & Company at (312) 424-4254 or

Please complete the application and submit to Tony Smith at

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    Are other City of Chicago financing sources being considered? If yes, please describe.

    Does the project require below-market debt financing due to cash flow constraints or have a financing gap that cannot be filled with conventional debt and equity? Please describe.

    Community Impacts

    How many existing permanent FTE jobs will be retained?

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    If the project is a community facility, how many low income persons or residents of low income communities will the project serve annually?

    Please describe, if applicable, additional community impacts that will result from this project.

    Project Readiness

    What is the likely time frame for a closing on the financing, including site ownership, full building permit and executed construction contract (if applicable) and funding of all non-NMTC sources needed to complete the project?

    Within 6 months6 to 12 months12 to 18 monthsOver 18 monthsNot Sure

    Do you currently control the Project site? Check all that apply.

    Yes, currently ownYes, currently have option contractPartially owned, full site assembly ongoingPending application for City-owned landSite identified, acquisition in progressSite not yet selectedN/A: Non real-estate business investment


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